Norwich City: Transfer Report Card

So the window has closed and the deals have been done. Chris Hughton has certainly had a chance to stamp his authority on the squad and shape the team into his own with the arrival of nine new players. So how well did he do? I’m going to take a look at all our new signings and give them a report card, you know, like you used to get at school.

The signings will be rated in four categories and then given an overall mark. The categories are Quality (simply put how good the player is), Impact (how well they’ve started their Norwich City career) Value for money (did we get a bargain or were our pants pulled down over the price) and Future (do they have a long term future at the club or are they simply a quick fix). To keep the school theme going I’ll assess them in alphabetical order.

Sebastien Bassong

Bassong has settled in well and has become a productive member of the class. He’s not afraid to take the lead and is happy to contribute to discussions. His behaviour is perhaps of slight concern as he did suffer a penalty in his first lesson, but it was given by a teacher of questionable judgement. Bassong works hard and if he continues to do so I think he’s got a bright future ahead of him.

  • Quality: B+
  • Impact: B
  • Value: B
  • Future: A
  • Overall: B+

Mark Bunn

Bunn is a content type of character who is happy to keep a low profile. However I understand that when he was given more of an opportunity to take an active lead in lessons at his previous school he excelled so perhaps if called upon more his work would benefit. I’ve not seen much of Bunn but I’m told he is well behaved and a positive member of the year group who encourages those around him to perform better.

  • Quality: C-
  • Impact: E
  • Value: D
  • Future: D
  • Overall: D

Jacob Butterfield

Butterfield is a confident young man but has not yet shown that confidence in his work here at school. His attendance record leaves a lot to be desired but I understand that he’s been suffering from a bout of gammy leg. Hopefully once this has cleared up his attendance will improve and I will have a chance to get to know him a bit better as I’m told he’s a promising student.

  • Quality: D+
  • Impact: F
  • Value: B-
  • Future: B+
  • Overall: C-

Javier Garrido

Coming from abroad there were concerns that Garrido would have difficulty settling in. But those fears have been quelled by his excellent start here. He’s a very accomplished student who is always presentable, neat and tidy. He always answers well when called upon and is never in trouble. He’s the kind of pupil a teacher always enjoys working with. The only question is whether he will continue with us next year or be moving school again, personally I hope he stays put.

  • Quality: B
  • Impact: B+
  • Value: A
  • Future: C-
  • Overall: B

Harry Kane

Kane is still in the first year but it’s clear that he has a bright future. Having done well in Primary School last year it’s now time for him to continue his good work making the step up to High School. I’m led to believe that due to family commitments it is unlikely that Kane will be with us beyond this year. I hope even though he may not be a long term member of the school that he works hard and benefits from the opportunities we can offer him.

  • Quality: D
  • Impact: D-
  • Value: A+
  • Future: D
  • Overall: C-

Robert Snodgrass

Snodgrass has followed a number of pupils who have decided to join us from a failing Leeds school that has fallen into special measures. Needless to say that like those before him he is a welcome addition to the school and brings with him great ability and the potential to progress much further. Snodgrass shows great creativity in all his work. His presence in lessons is valuable as he can always be relied upon to take any topic and lead a discussion in it making interesting and well thought out points.

  • Quality: A-
  • Impact: A-
  • Value: A
  • Future: A+
  • Overall: A

Alexander Tettey

Tettey joined the school with quite a reputation but hasn’t had the opportunity to prove himself much as of yet. He appears to be quite an outspoken young man and hasn’t been afraid to criticise a structure that he is accustomed to. It may take him a bit of time to settle into our way of doing things but I’m sure once he has he will flourish in these surroundings.

  • Quality: B-
  • Impact: D+
  • Value: C+
  • Future: B
  • Overall: C+

Michael Turner

Turner didn’t have a good start to life here and struggled to cope with the work that was set him early on. Still, he has a good record in previous years and is always keen to work hard so I’m sure that it’s something overcome given the right kind of teaching and encouragement. He’s a good character to have around the school so even if he’s not contributing so well in lessons he’s still a valuable member of the year group, still it would be nice to see him push his grades up a bit over the course of the term.

  • Quality: C+
  • Impact: E
  • Value: D
  • Future: C
  • Overall: D+

Steven Whittaker

Whittaker joins us following the closure of his previous school for financial irregularities. He is a lively and versatile type of character who can turn his hand to lots of different things. It’s always good to have students of that nature in a year group who are happy to help out in any way they can when called upon. He’s been slightly unfortunate with illness which has affected his work, but given what I’ve seen of him I think once he gets himself back into lessons he’ll be a fine student.

  • Quality: C+
  • Impact: D-
  • Value: A
  • Future: B
  • Overall: B-

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