Harry Redknapp lost the game

Harry Redknapp has played the game really badly. He wanted the England job, which he didn’t get and it seems that may have ultimately cost him the Spurs job, leaving him with no job, expect a pundit’s role on the BBC, which nobody wants any more.

What Harry Redknapp has done is promised the world but got the sack for only delivering the shit part of Europe. If Chelsea hadn’t nicked the good bit with a fair slice of luck, ‘Arry would be sitting pretty plotting next season’s Champions League campaign, instead he’s looking for another job. Doesn’t seem fair does it?

Spurs fans are fickle. At the start of the season they would have taken 4th place. But then ‘Arry got them dreaming, they should have started to worry when people started to ask the question “can Spurs win the title?” The answer of course was no, of course they can’t, the best they can do is finish 3rd, above Arsenal and get in the Champions League and wouldn’t that be absolutely bloody lovely. Instead, some Spurs fans made the mistake of saying yes, or perhaps, or maybe and then the seeds of death had been sewn.

These seeds were first seen when Spurs held on to Modric which showed ambition and then they signed Adebayor the type and class of forward who had certainly been missing from the team. Scott Parker added solidarity and dependability to the midfield and with the more reliable Friedel in goal, you did start to wonder what Spurs could do, the side had a real competitive edge. Then they got hammered by Manchester United, then more hammered by Manchester City. Bottom after two games having been well beaten by the two best sides in the league, you would take 3rd wouldn’t you?

Then 11 league games unbeaten, all the way into December and suddenly there’s hype hype hype hype. Spurs? Could they? No, stop doing that, they can’t win the league, it’s not going to happen. Their squad isn’t good enough and under Redknapp they only know how to play one way. But the rumours persisted, often fuelled by Redknapp who said things to the papers like “we can win the league” not really leaving himself any wiggle room to get out of that one which is why he’s such a media darling.

Then England came calling, or more to the point, didn’t. But the speculation was everywhere, everyone was saying that ‘Arry should get the England job, (although I didn’t, I thought it would be a terrible idea, but still, widespread speculation) which coincided with Spurs capitulation in the league. A good scientist will tell you that you can’t take two seemingly related events and use them to show cause and effect, but the correlation between Redknapp being linked with England and Spurs going wrong is strong.

Of course, Redknapp had a part to play in other ways. He let players go and brought players in. He shuffled the pack but in the end put the same cards in the same places playing the same game. Sure he occasionally tried putting Bale on the right or in a free role, which had little effect other than to piss off the fans. Bale’s form had gone, they were robbed by the ref at Stoke ending their unbeaten league run, they got robbed again in the FA cup semi-final which they ended up losing 5-1 to Chelsea and worst of all, their league form suffered so much that they finished below Arsenal, who they had spent most of the early season laughing at. Then to compound their misery because of Chelsea’s victory they didn’t even get a place in the Champions League.

So completes the story of how Harry Redknapp, using media savvy and playing the expectations game like a pitiful newbie, he managed to make 4th place look terrible. If you multiply this by his “disloyalty” by which I mean making the mistake of actually saying he wanted the England job, then things start to look really terrible for him and you can see why he got the sack.

Some people might feel sorry for Redknapp, some people might say that he’s done a great job with Spurs and they should be grateful, but none of those people are me. I’m thinking about the guy who has a bank account in the name of one of his pets and who can barely read and write, because if I was in charge of Tottenham Hotspur, he certainly wouldn’t be the man I’d want managing my club.



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