Diary of a Euros: Day Five

The day after an England game, condition: hungover, tired and irritable. Struggled to get out of bed and for the first time watching the football didn’t seem like the best idea.

Czech Republic versus Greece

The first five minutes of this game were spectacular, goals and chances and brilliant football. Then I’m not really sure what happened, but I think the technical term is I fell asleep. Then Greece scored and I woke up to see it with expert timing, then I fell asleep, then it was full time. All in all it wasn’t the best game.

Russia versus Poland

I didn’t even bother with this game. I did however have a lovely meal with my girlfriend at Zak’s. I went for the the biggest burger I could find on the menu, sticking with the English tradition of picking size and strength over technique. Hazel went for a chicken burger and curly fries and we got our tactics spot on with a 2 for 1 deal. All in all it was a delicious fixture. I caught the highlights and it looked like Poland played well, if you like me missed the game I’d very much advise checking out Jakub Blaszczykowski’s goal, it was a cracker.

I’m still alive after day five

So after four days of solid football I’ve finally fallen off the wagon and not given games my full attention. Still after a break I’m feeling fresh and am eagerly anticipating Netherlands versus Germany.

Highlight of the day: My burger was incredibly tasty but so was Alan Dzagoev’s goal, as he was my fantasy football team’s captain


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