A team for Europe

European Fantasy Football is on the cards. If anyone reading this is interested, I’ve set up a league at http://en.euro2012fantasy.uefa.com/ the join code is 113963-26672. With this in mind it got me thinking about a team for the Euros’. Simply picking the best eleven would be fun, but perhaps a little too straight forward so I came up with a different plan.

It’s a good looking line up, but they may leak a few, if the other team ever got the ball that is…

Here’s the challenge, pick what you consider to be the strongest team you can from all the players in the squads for the European Championships, the only rule is that you can only include one player from each nation. Perhaps I’ve got too much time on my hands, but I quite enjoyed trying to put together a team like this. Feel free to choose whatever formation you want, you can play 2 at the back if you wish but if you did I reckon your team would most likely get smashed.

A list of the full squads can be found here.

My Team

This is the side I ended up going for. It’s actually harder than you think. You start to run out of nations pretty quickly as obviously there are plenty of countries from which you would ideally like to pick more than one player. Then it becomes a case of trying to wrangle the best side out of the remaining countries.


I went for Cech in goal, had a horrible start to the season where I thought his days at Chelsea could be numbered but he came good when it counted and finished the season on good form.

At the back

Ashley Cole was an easy choice at left back, he’s in a different class to the other contenders. If you’re thinking about Evra at this point you obviously didn’t see him play against Iceland. Chiellini organised a Juventus back line to an unbeaten season and is a world class central defender. The other two players got in somewhat by default, but both Agger and Anyukov have lots of experience of Champions League and international football.


Modric was the stand out candidate from Croatia so it wasn’t hard to find a place in the team for him. I thought about Schweinsteiger and concluded that I’d rather have him than Philipp Lahm. Had I gone the Lahm route the team could have looked totally different, but regardless of his penalty woe for Bayern, Schweinsteiger is still a phenomenal midfield player and is perfectly suited to international football. In front of them is Wesley Sneijder, he had far from the best domestic season but he’s a fantastic player and has become somewhat of a talisman for Netherlands.


First name on the team-sheet? Ronaldo, well yeah obviously. I went for Iniesta when choosing from Spain’s vast array of riches. I could have gone for Xavi but frankly I like Iniesta more, it’s personal preference. Had David Villa been fit I’d almost certainly have picked him instead, he probably has the best record of any striker in international football at the moment and would have been impossible to leave out.  To round off the side I’ve gone for Benzema. He doesn’t have the best goalscoring record for France, but I think he’s still improving. He bagged 21 goals in the league for Madrid this season and 7 in 11 games in the Champions League, he is more than capable of finishing off the many chances that would be created by this side.

So here is the completed line up in all it’s glory. Think you can pick a better side? Have a go and leave it in the comments, I’d love to have a look at some different team’s to my own selection. Please also take the time to get involved in the fantasy league, as for me the more team’s in it, the more fun the league will be.


7 thoughts on “A team for Europe

  1. I found it pretty difficult picking a team of this that wasn’t pretty much the same as yours. So I’ve gone with players I like or I haven’t seen play but are good on FM:

    Goalkeeper: Szczesny (Poland) : Mainly because he is mental, mainly for this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWHtHZuk7Dk and he’s also a decent keeper.

    Rightback: Srna (Crotia) : Stalwart of Football Manager games, seen him play twice but he was unbelievably good for many seasons on FM of days gone by.

    Centre Backs: Kjær (Denmark) : To differ from you and also my scouts won’t shut up about how good this guy is going to become. One for the future, but I imagine he has some talent now (Don’t even know what he looks like)

    Rami (France) : Last player to be picked, I don’t like Mexes and had a free slot from France. I dont even know if this guy is any good. (I struggled with defenders) Would have gone with Sakho, another FM stalwart but he hasn’t been picked by France.

    Leftback: Zhirkov (Russia) : All I remember from his Chelsea days are being injured and mad attacking runs. Not many good left backs in Europe.

    Defensive Mid: Alonso (Spain): I love Xabi Alonso. He’s a rich man’s David Fox.

    Centre Mid: Pirlo (Italy): Solid, experienced, pretty much won everything.

    Ozil (Germany): Again my love for Ozil is strong. He’s a rich man’s Wes Hoolahan.

    Attacking Wide Players: Ronaldo (Portugal): Could have gone with Nani to be different but I dont like him. Not that I like Ronaldo as a person either, but as a player he’s got everything.

    Young (England): Not sure whether its because he looks like Marlo Stanfield or that years ago when he played for Watford I hoped he’d become a world beater with England. But either way I think he’s a decent player.

    Forward: Van Persie (Netherlands): 30 goals in 38 games with 13 assists. Carried Arsenal to 3rd. But will he get in the starting line up ahead of Huntelaar?

    Graphical line up and formation: http://www.tombullard.co.uk/canary/euro-tom.jpg

  2. 4-3-3

    GK. Szczesny (Poland)

    RB. O’Shea (Ireland)
    CB. Koscielny (France)
    CB. Hummels (Germany)
    LB. Cole (England)

    CM. Pirlo (Italy)
    CM. Xavi (Spain)
    CAM. Modric (Croatia)

    RW. Van Persie (Netherlands)
    LW. Ronaldo (Portugal)
    FW. Ibrahimovic (Sweden)

    • Feel like I unfairly overlooked Ibrahimovic, but my love for Benzema is strong. Also John O’Shea ahahaha

      • Yeah, basically right back was my last pick and I sort of ran out of footballers. But with my front 6 he shouldn’t need to do much attacking hah.

  3. 3-4-3

    GK. Cech

    Def. Agger
    Def. Cole
    Def. Chiellini

    Mid. Modrić
    Mid. Schweinsteiger
    Mid. Iniesta
    Mid. Ribéry

    For. Cristiano Ronaldo
    For. Van Persie
    For. Ibrahimović


    • “Here’s the challenge, pick what you consider to be the strongest team you can from all the players in the squads for the European Championships, the only rule is that you can only include one player from each nation.”

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