The best game of the season and an F.A Cup final.

I’ve heard lots of talk about how the F.A cup final isn’t what it used to be. Moving the kick off time for television, not having it as the last game of the season, blah blah blah blah oh my, I seem to have gone wrong. All this talk about pointless convention and tradition didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the game, it was still an occasion, there was still loads of build up and it was played at Wembley so it’s all good by me. Thing is, some of the detractors might have a point as it wasn’t anywhere close to being the best game of the day.

That honour goes to Arsenal versus Norwich which is *probably* the best game I’ve seen this season. I say probably, because this has been a season of so many cracking games that it’s hard to keep up. Chelsea’s draw at the Camp Nou was incredible and might take the general accolade of game of the season but away at Arsenal was undoubtedly the best game involving Norwich.

The Spurs performance and result were perhaps better, but the game at the Emirates was incredible. An early goal and we’re behind, then a comeback, then going behind again from being in front, then another come back. All the while the football was of the highest calibre. We stood toe to toe with Arsenal one of the best footballing sides in the land, went punch for punch and came away with a draw, fantastic.

Having served up a starter like that the cup final was never going to match it for excitement, although that has a lot to do with the fact that I’m a Norwich fan. I doubt the same is true for most neutrals. Today Norwich put right everything they got wrong at home versus Liverpool. Strangely Liverpool in the first half against Chelsea, looked a lot like Norwich did in our game against Liverpool.

We put it right in our next game and to their credit Liverpool turned it round in the second half with the help of Andy Carroll who came within the shiny width of a football from sending the game into extra-time and then who knows what would have happened. They had a go at Chelsea the way we never had a go at them, we saved our retaliation for Arsenal and Grant Holt was unplayable at times. Holt and Carroll both did their England chances no harm and John Ruddy really couldn’t do any more to show he should go.

Just to add a little cherry on top, it was Steve Morison who smashed in the equaliser shoving it in the face of all the Norwich fans who were silly enough to give him abuse. There was so much to be happy about, Norwich returned to the standards they had set this season, were fantastic in possession and showed real quality. Who knows, next season it might be us in the F.A cup final.


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