Anti-Canary Conspiracy

So I was on twitter doing my usual thing of reading Holtmania and came across this:

Now this is a proper conspiracy. It qualifies in any number of ways. Firstly it’s almost totally unbelievable. In the way that it overlooks any number of simple facts. Beyond the obvious it’s also incredibly paranoid. As is pointed out in the comments the ref could have given Norwich penalties and didn’t. He could have sent off Ramsey and he didn’t. But I don’t want to spoil it for you, so take a look.

The referee at the centre of the conspiracy is Anthony Taylor.

You know when you start to ignore the obvious and still manage to conjure up a a conspiracy you are doing well. Furthermore, he knows he’s treading water before he launches into it. He knows what he’s writing is madness. Any time you start a piece by stating you might be totally wrong has to be a worry.

Thus my opening views, straight after watching the match, might be completely wrong.

It’s knee jerk, it’s in your face, it’s totally bat-shit-insane, it’s a proper conspiracy and reading it made my day.


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