A brief glimpse of the RVP of old

This new Robin Van Persie isn’t as much fun as the old one. He’s so predictable. He always scores. He’s become a bit dull, I used to like the old Robin Van Persie. Against Newcastle, after scoring in 2-1 home win, we saw him again, just for a moment.

The RVP of old was a firecracker. If he were a chocolate bar he would be a Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut. Lots of chocolate, pretty tasty, but with an unpredictable fruity element and the chance of at some stage going completely nuts.

Tim Krul had a pop at RVP. The new RVP who scores lots of goals and isn’t always injured and is the captain of Arsenal would usually just have jogged on and ignored him. But Krul apparently knows how to get under the skin of his Dutch international colleague. It all got a bit tasty, handbags were on display and it made for an even more entertaining end to a game that was already tense and enjoyable to watch.

Finally the winning goal came and Van Persie was dairy-milking it after the final whistle in front of the fans. Howard Webb was looking on not entirely impressed by his antics, but I was enjoying it. I like it when players go a bit wrong. When they lose that calm exterior and you see the rage, the fire suddenly flash up from within them, the emotion. Something changes and you are transported from a predictable environment into one where anything can happen. Pushing, aggression, headbutt’s, pretend headbutt’s, shoving, acting, maybe an elbow or on a really good day a proper shirt-ripping fight.

Van Persie has grown up, he’s matured and he’s improved as a player. However, for all his “improvements” I miss the super-arrogant, super-petulant, super-kid. Just briefly tonight I saw that child again. I think that shows how much the win mattered to RVP, it was a massive win for Arsenal. I like it when this happens, I like it when players lose their cool. The commentator always says “we really don’t want to see scenes like this” when the players have a bit of a fracas but we do, we really do.


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