I support the abuse of Steve Kean

It seems to be trendy right now if you are a football manager to come out in support of Steve Kean. Well I’m not a football manager and I don’t want to support him. I support his abuse and it’s pretty obvious to me why these managers have come out in support of him. Firstly because they are his peers, fellow professionals most of whom understand what he is going through, but secondly and most importantly because they are all worried they might be next on the receiving end of abuse from fans.

Why do I support the abuse of Steve Kean? I think it’s important to make my reasons clear, so I’ve gone for a list, arranged in no particular order.

  • He’s not a very good football manager.
  • I don’t like his face.
  • He doesn’t have any hair.
  • He’s not a very good football manager.
  • He’s smug.
  • Every challenge he’s faced he’s failed.
  • And he’s not a very good football manager.

I think it’s a pretty comprehensive list. However, I feel I should address some of the key points.

Steve Kean is not a very good football manager, in fact, he’s a bad football manager. The way you can tell this, is because his team are bottom of the league. Should Blackburn be bottom? Well on the face of it no. They have some good players, some highly rated defenders (Samba, Dann, Nelson), a former English international goalkeeper (Paul Robinson), some young exciting creative players (Hoilett, Rochina) and a proven Premier League goal scorer (Yakubu). Yet despite this, they leak many goals, only Bolton have conceded more and they are bottom of the league, having lost at home to Bolton.

The Blackburn owners are partly to blame, after all they appointed Steve Kean and have somehow so far failed to fire him. They sacked Sam Allardyce, who would have given them unattractive stability and chased the dream of attractive football promised by Steve Kean, now they are bottom and the fans hate both the owners and their manager.

O ye of little faith, only your players not prayers can save you now...

Some abuse is wrong. Racist abuse, brought back to the forefront of the news due to current events is something I personally equate with the lowest form of intelligence. Abusing someone’s race is witless, making generalisations about someone based on their race is catastrophically moronic, it represents a level of failure even Steve Kean could not achieve. Arguing with racist people is pointless, it’s like mud wrestling with a pig, you both get covered in shit but the pig likes it.

Conversely I think the abuse of Steve Kean is justified, it’s the natural response when you think someone is doing a terrible job with something you care about and pay money to go and see, but it isn’t constructive and it doesn’t help the players. In fact it does the exact opposite. So if you’re the one shouting the abuse then you probably need to stop and think about what your objective really is.

Open your eyes Steve, this isn't a dream, you really are 2-1 down at home to Bolton, you are living your worst nightmare.

Managers like nothing more than to walk off towards the tunnel at the end of a game applauding the crowd and basking in the triumphant victory they have just masterminded. Well in my eyes the flip side to this is that when your team play like a ponderous collection of  donkeys, you need to take some of the blame. I don’t like fans who shout abuse but sometimes I can understand why they do it.

Now I agree with the assertion that the fans are hurting their team’s chances. These demonstrations are certainly not going to help the team perform well and other managers have been quick to point this out. They’ve also said they don’t think the abuse is “fair” and that it’s “wrong”. They’ve said what a nice club Blackburn is and what a good bunch of people work there and what a good guy Steve Kean is. But not one other manager, not a single one, has come out and said “I think Steve Kean is doing a fantastic job at Blackburn” Why has nobody said this? It’s because Steve Kean isn’t doing a good job at Blackburn, he’s doing a shit job, which in the end is the only thing that really matters.


4 thoughts on “I support the abuse of Steve Kean

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