Generic first blog post

This is my first blog post. In this post I will outline my aims and goals while trying to retain your attention long enough to convince you that I know what I’m talking about and it might be worth reading what I’ve got to say about stuff.

Don’t worry, the topics in this blog will be football related, if I stumble on to any kind of higher truth or meaning, let me reassure you right now, from the outset, that it was entirely by accident.

Norwich City are back in the Premier League, that alone seems worthy of a blog post. I must warn you that if you disagree with the previous statement then I fear the tone and content of future posts will almost certainly annoy you. I think it’s important we don’t get off on the wrong foot, much like the little known about first free kick that David Beckham took while on trial at Manchester United with his left, when he forgot which foot he usually kicked with, getting off on the wrong foot can have both dire and tragic consequences, still if someone points out the error you’ve made (thankfully Gary Neville was on hand) from the get go I feel things can turn out well.

Norwich City are going up!

I will be writing about my love of football, my love of Norwich City, my love (and bitter cold hearted hatred) of the English national side, as well as all things Premier League, Championship, Champions League with a smattering of European domestic flavour thrown in as well. Occasionally from time to time I may even slip into a rant about how Sepp Blatter is trying to single handedly destroy football and how I wouldn’t be at all upset if he were to lose his job as President of FIFA and instead take up the role of Mike Tyson’s anger management counsellor, the unofficial title for which is of course punching bag.


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